Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hiya all:
I'm afraid a nasty spy/malware got my laptop (blame it on the left-click-happy Window Vista for clicking links I didn't intend to click!). Am currently offline until the thing is fixed... which would mean a few days at least. 

Really, I almost wish there really is a hell just for the benefit of crooks like computer hackers who can't be bothered to do something more constructive with their lives aside from making these viruses go and attack other people's livelihood! Nuts!!!!


Steven said...

Gosh tell it to someone who used to get 500 spams a day on his blog! I'm an easy-going fella but I can't help but wish that these people will burn in hell for all mess they have given me.

Anonymous said...

hiya Smorgy, i'd offer to install ubuntu for you to replace super slow vista any day! i was so fed up with viruses and bugs on windows that i now use exclusively linux on my laptop. very fast, trouble free :-). video editing can be a bit challenging, but once you figure it out, everything would be under control. and best of all, no bugs :-). Hope u get the bugs fixed soon in case you're still relying on old windows. -an

Smorg said...

Hiya Steven & An:
Thanks a bunch for stopping by and for sympathy, too. I thing the computer is finally bug free now... though that darn virus took practically all the files with it. :o( We ended up wiping off the whole hard drive and having to reinstall everything... So I'll take a while to get back to speed yet. Thankfully had archived a lot of files to USB drives before the infection hit.

Hey, I hadn't heard of ubuntu before, An. Will have to check that out. :oD Thanks for the tips!

Hope y'all are having a good August! It's been way too sunny for me of late. Wish we could just skip summer and go straight to the fall!

Smorgy :o)

Anonymous said...

ah, hi Smorgy, just in time for my post on ubuntu :-). glad you wipe bugs out, they're the main reason i skipped windows altogether in the first place.