Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kasarova-mania continues: Never count a Thracian out

As Orpheus came back from Hades, so did fellow Thracian Vesselina Kasarova from her recent Hadian battle with pneumonia to make her debut in the sumptuous part of Dalila... singing opposite the formidable voice of Jose Cura at Deutsche Oper Berlin.

The reviews go from indifferent to hostile when it comes to the staging (quite reasonable judging from the look of it via the official trailer), though Kasarova herself seems mostly well-received. Here are a few words from various English-speaking audience bloggers:
- I Hear Voices     

By the way, true to form, the White Shirts' favorite diva (Frau Kasarova) has somehow managed to squeezed in another concert with the Kammerphilharmonie Amade on June 13th at Konzerthaus Berlin, this one to benefit Japanese earthquake victims. Her updated schedule here.


yvette said...

Dear Smorgy, thanks a bunch for your nice Spring note I found on my return home from Nice, Rouen and Paris at the end of April. I am back from Google banishement too or maybe eternal oblivion -I could not link to my blog... So, great news from our dear Vesselina! May I mention a very nice report in French from a young and keen listener 'Skipy"(I know you read this as well as other languages!)
I'll be seing her Carmen in Zurich in July, and I am so happy at this prospect as she is so 'unique' in terms of voice and acting. Bye! Keep Well!

Smorg said...

Chere Yvette:
Thanks for stopping by! :oD I'm delighted to read that VK seems to have recovered well from that pneumonia indeed (though it seems she is still in the recovery process and her breathe isn't lasting as long as it normally would on phrases). Thanks very much for your link to Skipy's report. :oD

The lass seems to be making up for her illness-induced downtime with more concert and opera bookings, though. I wish I live close enough to catch those than all the way out on the American west coast. :oP Hope you'll have a great time catching her Carmen! I can't wait for the DVD of that show to be released. :oD

Sending you all the best from the USA,
Smorgy :o)