Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sniff me crazy

I can't help but wonder why they have to stick their snout right on the poo to sniff at it during a walk... It takes so much of the pleasure out of being kissed by them afterward, you know?


berenice said...

Los Gatos do the same mister Smorg! i wonder too... & stay away from their noses as well ;) i guess their sense of 'right and wrong' smells is very different from ours...

berenice said...

hola again mister Smorg

i got an e-mail with a comment from you at my blog, but now the comment is gone :( just when i was ready to finally reply...

oh well... and yes Los Gatos sniff a lot too, but to confess they don't 'concentrate' on poop as much as dogs... and after sniffing it, they do bury it, so that's better than dogs, huh?

and guess what? i did enter some of the photos to the Art Of Photography show here in San Diego, if they select some of mine to show at the Horton Plaza Lyceum, i'll let you know! so we can meet there to see them ;)

take care mister Smorg and enjoy your working travel, i'll be here in town this weekend being lazy and enjoying the cloudy weather :))

Lankin said...

YES. And why the heck do they even try to get some weird smell all over them at times? The absolute worst my dog has ever done was to roll over in a pile of decaying fish.
He was a nice dog, very, a dalmatian, and was trying to brush up on me all the time on the way home, to say a doggish sorry, the more I went *yuk*.

I washed him about five times and he still stank of fish five days after.

Must be the dog-equivalent of bathing in "Opium".