Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just a smorg update

Just a little Smorg update because I've been bad about emailing lately. Sorry! I got into cycling a lot this month. Had this wild idea to ride 20-40 miles a day while the Tour de France is going on in Europe. It's nothing compared to what those pros are doing, but it is making me appreciate more how tough they are. I ride a fraction of what they do each day (and climbing no hill comparable to the Alps or the Pyrenees), and after only a week even my eyebrows are sore.... not to mention everything else! 

Then I went on a hilly group ride in the North County on Saturday. Had a blast... then decided to ride all the way back home instead of catching a bus (so the day's tally was around 56 miles). I made it back, but was completely spent... and nursing a sore throat - which then became a full blown flu by nightfall. 
Venturing a bit off topic, I'd just like to formally register a complaint here that those Christians who think it charitable to turn their radio on at full blast at 6:30AM on Sundays to force everyone around them to listen to their favorite pastor's fire & brimstone sermon are really a bunch of inconsiderate assholes. One of those assholes lives in the apartment complex next door to me, and this was the 3rd Sundays in a row that he'd done that. What a lousy attempt at evangelization. Let a Muslim blare his radio at you at 6AM on Sundays to broadcast his god and see how you'd think of Allah then... 
Anyhow. It's a type of flu that blows itself out quickly, I think. After 2 days of crashing in bed I'm much better now... and will answer the emails soon! Thanks very much for your patience!


yvette said...

Dear Smorgy, I am getting worried about your too religious environment... come to liberal France, bring your bike and enjoy good wine and sunshine here! (and le tour de France... used to be a fan when I was a kid!!! Fausto Coppi was a real hero those days).Hope your instant cold has gone for good.

Smorg said...

Chere Yvette!
I'm very tempted, mon amie, especially this time of year with le Tour and your proximity to all those continental opera festivals... not to mention wonderful friends to share those passions with, of course! :oD

We have a major cycling tour here in the spring, but it rarely comes south of Los Angeles... and our opera season is done until next January. :o( I'd be lost without the wonderful broadcast from Europe! Keeping my fingers crossed and hope the Messiah at the Salzburg Festival will be broadcast (but guess I won't know until closer to showtime). :o)

Hope you and D and the family are doing well and having a good summer. Thanks so much for stopping by! We've been missing you at various sites. :oD

yvette said...

Thak you Dear Smorgy! But where I was I could not get in touch...no You tube either! Yesterday (or day before ) heard on the radio le Tour was not far from my shack!(It was Saint Paul trois châteaux- Agde. So down the Rhône valley and then a bot south West) My summer is fine not too hot this year here, and the girls keep me busy, which is another reason for not keeping in touch. I still haven't really make up my mind about my long jouney Eastward. My Aix festival finished last night, with "L'enfant et les sortilèges" always a great treat! Take care and do not over do it on your magical bike! So long!