Monday, July 2, 2012

Quiz: Do You Know These Views of San Diego

Think you know San Diego, California very well? Let's have a quiz! What are these views of and where do you think the shots were taken from? Acers of the quiz get bragging right and a renewed urge to explore more unfamiliar corners of town:



Come on, San Diegans! Where are we? And where are we seen from?sunglasses

8 Jul 2012: Answers:
A: San Diego Bay between Shelter Island & Pt. Loma. Shot from the bottom of Owens St in La Playa. B: Ingraham St bridge & Mission Bay. Shot from Church of St. Mary Magdalene on top of Illion St in Bay Park. C: Sorry this one is a bit unfair indeed. This is on the wall of Bay Cafe on the Embarcadero. Right by the Coronado Ferry. D: Ocean Beach Bike Path along the San Diego River. Shot form the section just west of Robb Field. E: Mt. Helix Nature Theater on top of Mt. Helix in Casa de Oro. F: Grinding Rocks in Mission Trails. G: The San Salvador Build Site on the west end of Spanish Landing. H: South Bay salt pond. Shot from the south part of the Bayshore Bike Way. I: This bronze sailor is hanging off a lamppost on Shelter Island Drive... about where the pier is. J: The ocean-overlooking cross at Pt. Loma Nazarene University. Shot from Lomaland Dr. K: The San Diego Youth Symphony has free open practice at Casa del Prado in Balboa Park every Saturday. L: The Cactus Garden in Balboa Park. Shot through the bottle tree. M: The entrance to the Philippine Museum in the Gaslamp Quarter. N: There are a bunch of flying pigs on the outside wall of Kansas City Barbeque in Downtown. Shot from the Seaport Village trolley stop.


Anonymous said...

A challenge!
A. I see the NOAA boat, this has to be the bay between Pt Loma and Shelter Island. Shot from somewhere in La Playa.

B. A really good view of Mission Bay from somewhere in Bay Park.

C. No idea. Torrey Pine Gliderport?

D. The OB Bike Path west of Robb Field.

E. No idea.

F. Mission Trails' grinding rocks.

G. Somewhere along the Embarcadero.

H. South Bay salt farm. From Bayshore Bike Path?

I. Well that isn't the Gook. Dunno.

J. I don't think that's Soledad. Dunno.

K. I do know that the Youth Symphony practices at Casa del Prado in Balboa Park.

L. Meh.

M. More meh.

N. I saw that riding on the trolley thru downtown but don't remember where exactly!


berenice said...

oh mister Smorg,

I am really clueless, I spent last week on my mom's town in Mexico, and I come back to see your post and realize how little I know our town! Great post and here come my wrong answers ;) and thank you Jimbean for the cheat-sheet heh heh

A. the view is of Point Loma, but no idea where you took it from

B. agree with Jimbean, Mission Bay, maybe from the top of the bridge?

C. not fair!! I think i've seen that graffiti in a couple of places?

D. I thought this was the Silverstrand...

E. the Memorial close to the Cabrillo Monument?

F. El Cabrillo tide pools?

G. SI thought this was the Embarcadero too, but it looks different, please do tell!

H. no clue!

I. it looks like from Bob Hope's Memorial at the Embarcadero by the Fish Market, but not sure.

J. El Cabrillo Monument?

K. have no clue, but would like to listen to them

L. Cactus garden at the Balboa Park?

M. no idea, but great church? would like to visit

N. i have no clue, but love the idea of the angelic pig! meaning i can eat more and still go to heaven ;)

great post mister Smorg, my challenge for the rest of the year should be to visit ALL these places, so please tell us the answers already :)

Smorg said...

Hallo Jimbean & bella Bere: Hey, you did well, I think. I'm being rather devious in not going for the more popular local attractions. ;o) I see Jimbean is an outdoorsy dude (probably a cyclist, too?). And Bere is very familiar with Balboa Park!

But you impatient ones! I think I'll wait a few days before giving out answers... just enough delay to tempt you guys and gals to tour around town investigating suspected locations a bit. ;oD If you right click on the photo and choose 'open in new tab', you can enlarge them a bit to see background details that might help deciphering where they are. Thanks a bunch for stopping by and playing! Have fun!

Dad's Primal Scream said...

A. Somewhere on Shelter Island

B. From that Catholic Church on the hill in Bay Park...Lady Madeline?

C. No Clue - At the gliderport at Torry Pines

D. Along the bike path next to the causeway in OB

E. On Mt Helix?

F. The Mission Trails Dam?

G. It's at the end of the Embarcadero Pathway as you are crossing the bridge from the airport to Point Loma

H. On the bike pathway along the Silver the Imperial Beach section

I. On Harbor Island

J. Cabrillo Monument

K.Practice space for the Youth Symphony (


M. Inside that De La Raza bldg in Balboa Park?

N. I'll figure this out when pigs fly...wait!

Smorg said...

Hiya Dad! I forgot you're a San Diegan, too. And you sure know the city! :D A few more correct IDs there...

I guess I should drop more hints before revealing the correct answers this weekend:
- All locations are free access (no fee to visit).
- The cross by the sea isn't Cabrillo.

Thanks a bunch for playing! ;oD

Anonymous said...

A. San Diego Bay mouth from La Playa
B. Mission Bay from Bay Park
C. -
D. OB bike path near Dog Beach
E. - (is this in the city limit or out in the county?)
F. Grinding rocks in Mission Trails
G. Spanish Landing?
H. South Bay salt farm
I. -
J. Nazarene College cross from Lomaland Dr
K. -
L. -
M. Drat. This one will keep me up nights. Have seen this!
N. Kansas City BBQ/Seaport Village Trolley Stop?


Smorg said...

Hi Jaime: Good guesses! I hope M didn't keep you up long. :o) Mt Helix... I guess would fall under La Mesa or El Cajon rather than San Diego city (it's between those two). It's worth a visit, tho. The locals like to go up there in the morning and walk up and down the steep auditorium steps for exercise. When the sky is clear you can see all the way out to Pt Loma from there. :o)

Thanks very much for playing!