Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beach bum: Ocean Beach & Dog Beach

Last weekend yours truly went roaming around the western part of Pt. Loma, the peninsula that forms the northwestern boundary of the San Diego Bay. The area is known as Ocean Beach (for obvious reason, it borders the Pacific Ocean). I hopped off bus 35 at Voltaire and turned up on the San Diego River flood channel. As you can see... in this part of the continent a 'river' isn't necessarily filled with water much of the time.
It does make for a nice dune-ish landscape, though, doesn't it. You can almost see the entrance to Mission Bay, the manmade body of water where Sea World is located on.The little beach where the San Diego River should have flown into the ocean is one of the few beaches in the area where dogs can roam freely (the underwater terrain makes for some nasty rip tides and stuff that makes it unsafe for swimming anyway).
At anyrate, the ocean beach proper to the left/south of the life guard tower is good for swimming, sunning, volleyballing, and even surfing.And in the evening hours, it is also a good place to relax while watching the sun dive into the ocean.
A dunking star is always worth a re-take, ay?

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Geisslein said...

How I wish I could spend some days at the sea this´s on my wishlist of course...Wish you a day full of great things happen! geisslein