Thursday, April 9, 2009

Feelin' Avian

I was waiting for my bus to Sunset Cliffs from Old Town Transit Center when I ran into these two high-schoolers getting very friendly with the local pigeons. The capped one was such a bird-whisperer that he got them to feed off his hand after only 4 minutes or so. When all the seeds were gone, he stood up with this big grin on his face and told me that he'll be a biologist when he grows up. I think I have a lot of pigeons who will agree with me in thinking that he'll be a very good one indeed.

Out on the colorful seaside cliffs, though, the seagulls rule... along with a flock of pelicans that I can't seem to get a good photo of. They live out here by the ocean, and yet are still mesmerized by the setting sun - coming out to perch on the crumbling rocks to watch the alluring red ball fade into the sea every evening. A seagull... that's what I want to be when I grow up. :oP


Geisslein said...

Nice post...I love birds...and the sea ;o)
Have a very nice easter weekend!
Sunny greetings from germany, geisslein

berenice said...

hola Smorg,

that's very cool that you met a soon-to-be biologist :) in San Diego we are are lucky to be surrounded by nature and it's easy to start loving birds and animals.

Your pictures are very nice! and yes, I'd like to be a bird too when I 'grow-up'

and here sharing with you, a flock of Pelicans that my friend Thilo from Germany took when he visited San Diego in 2008, these were in La Jolla.

and from my little collection, these seagulls I took in Encinitas

fly high! and have a happy Easter!

berenice said...

I forgot the link to the seagulls in Encinitas, here now

Smorg said...

Hiya Berenice,
Awesome shots! Thanks a bunch! :o) Those pelicans just like to fly by me (and I'm too slow a slug to get my camera ready for them in time for a good shot). The seagulls have been more cooperative, though (especially when I show up with a sandwich in hand). ;o)

Thanks very much for dropping by and for good wishes. Hope your Easter weekend was a good one as well!

Smorg :o)