Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea At Low Noon

By the way, on this Tax Day 2009 a bunch of folks went about tea-bagging in protest of just about all things Barack Obama. I hope all these protesters are rich whiners who are making $250,000 per year or more since if you make less than that you are actually getting a tax cut from this administration (though apparently when your only source of ‘news’ is that disgusting cable tv channel by the name of FOX, then you can be fooled into believing in any wacky things like ‘Obama is a Marxist’ or ‘Obama is a non-American Kenyan’ or ‘Obama is imposing more tax on you’ or ‘Obama is a communist’, etc, etc, etc... Even when it is demonstrably NOT true).

To tell the truth, had I been presented with the choice between Obama and Hillary Clinton on Election Day last November I would have chosen the latter... And that would have been the wrong choice. Like him or not, the dude has proven impressively cool-headed and sure-handed... even when the economy was crumbling all around him while the sore-losers GOP were (and are still) stuck in the ‘you can listen to us all you want but we’ll pretend that you haven’t even tried to hear us anyway’ vote-no-on-everything mode.

If I have to classify myself into a political party it’ll still be libertarian - though I’ll never go for anarchy. Not wanting the government to interfere with personal freedom is one thing. Getting rid of it altogether is quite another. And if you’re gonna keep a government around to provide the infrastructure and stability, then you’ve gotta pay for its service via tax!
And just what the hell is this idiotic cry for a spending freeze right in the middle of a big recession anyhow? If the rich folks stop spending their money on their boats, what will happen to the marine carpenters and mechanics? To the ship builders and people who work in the marinas where the yachts are kept and maintained? To the restaurants and other businesses that draw their business from the boaters? If people stop going to concerts and to see performance arts, then what will happen to the skilled artists? Theater staff? Recording companies? Artist agents? Businesses and restaurants around the concert halls and museums?
No spending means no customers to the small businesses. No customer means no money and that only leads to laying off jobs and no hiring... which, of course, leads to more unemployed people on the street and fewer people who can afford to spend the money that'll keep businesses going! People who have money to spare need to keep spending it NOW and not the other way around. Else, we’ll never get out of this vicious cycle that turned the 1929 recession into the Great Depression that lasted a whole decade! Did you right wing fundamentalists not pay attention in that Econ 101 class in college or what!?!

There used to be a time when I had more respect for the republican party than I did the democrat. Now they suck like a stuck vacuum!


Georg said...

Hallo Smorgy,

Very sensible, a pleasure to read. No taxes, no government help. Elementary Dr. Smorg!


Smorg said...

Hallo Georg,
Vielen Dank! :o) You'll get me on another Arthur Conan Doyle reading spree yet with references to Holmes' favorite quote! ;o)

I hope Germany and France are also coping ok with the current economy. I think we're being pretty well led here in America, but there are a lot of lunatics around who really don't seem to want this current president to be able to do his job (heck, some idiots down in Texas are even talking secession from the United States for it. I don't know what is wrong with them... Something is definitely not quite right with their head :oP ).

Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

Smorgy :o)