Thursday, April 2, 2009

Waltzing around Balboa Park in San Diego, California

Just a slide show of photos I took from various parts of Balboa Park set to the music of Johann Strauss (II)'s Kaiser Walzer (Emperor Waltz).


Georg said...

Hallo Smorgy,

Just listening to the Kaiser Walzer while writing this. (Kaiser with ai not ei - hope you don't mind)).

And all this is in this parc! At 4.54 there is this photo "Beautiful San Diego": what is on the right page?

As to W. Movie Maker my problem is this: I made several little videos of various spring flowers. My camera records the sound as well. Do you know how to eliminate the sound (I do some stupid talking) and how to dim it when the wind makes too much noise. I've already put on the video the 3rd movement of Beethoven's 6th Symph PASTORALE.
The twittering of the birds does not disturb old Ludwig, so I intended to leave it on the recording.

Well, if you have an idea, please don't hesitate to save me.


Smorg said...

Hallo Georg,
Thanks very much for the correction! One of these days I'll manage to go 100 words without a typo.... hopefully. ;o)

Yup, Balboa Park is one of the biggest city park in the world, I think... It's similar to the English Park in Munich or Hyde Park in London. Lots of hiking ground, gardens, museums, etc.

The right page of that stone tablet is a dedication that reads;
"This plaque, a replica of the one in Yokohama, has been presented to the citizens of San Deigo to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of our sister city affiliation.

The song engraved on it; 'San Diego, the Beautiful,' is the theme song of the Yokohama-San Diego Friendship Committee and is well known by the citizens of Yokohama. we hope that the citizens of San Diego also will come to love it and that it will echo across the Pacific as a symbol of our everlasting friendship.
October 29, 1982. Yokohama-San Diego Friendship Committee"

Pretty nice, ay? :o)

To 'mute' the video's sound while using the WMM program, you'd left-click on the particular video clip (on the timeline) to select it, then look at the tool bar on top of the screen and select 'Clip' (it's the 4th option from the left on my English language version).

Then you'd select 'Audio' and then 'mute'. That'll kill the audio coming from the video clip (but not from the added music clip).

I'm not sure how to dim it, though... You could try selecting a clip and then use that 'audio level' function (the default setting has it half-way between 'audio from video' and 'audio/music') and move the knob closer to the 'audio/music' end of the scale. Perhaps that'll lower the video volume for that section? :o)

Keeping my fingers crossed that it'll work! Have fun!

Smorgy :o)