Friday, April 19, 2013

National Park Week (20-28 Apr 2013) Starts Tomorrow!

If it has been a while since you visited the national park close to you, dust up the sunscreen and the camera and find time to go next week. April 20-28 is National Park Week 2013, and you can get to all the national park near (or even far from) you for FREE!
Here in San Diego, the closest park around is, of course, Cabrillo National Monument. It is a gem of a park with spectacular view of San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean, excellent museums and gift shop, observation decks, hiking trail, awesome tide pools, the light houses, etc, etc, and it's less than 20 minutes drive from Downtown (and, for cyclist me, a good little warm up ride before tackling the beautiful tide pools hill).
Old Pt Loma Light House
Cabrillo Monument with Coronado Island & Downtown San Diego in background.
Looking west down tide pools hill to the Pacific Ocean
Looking NE toward La Playa, Shelter Island.
Cabrillo is so close to town you can bike there in less than an hour!
New Pt Loma Light House. Coronado Islands (Mexico) in background.
The real thing is much more mesmerizing than the photos, of course, and, for one week starting tomorrow you can get in for free. Aren't we spoiled rotten in paradise or what???


Bela said...

Those are really nice sites :) It must have been a lovely day! Unfortunately here in Brasil our parks are not really safe and filled with wild animals like snakes and stuff so it's not really safe to go spend a day. Although I have gone to those before it's more like a jngle adventure than a nice quiet trip :)
Have a wonderful weekend :)

Smorg said...

Hey Bela!
Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Cabrillo is a really cool place indeed. You definitely must stop by to visit if you ever come to San Diego area. It is in a really safe area because it's surrounded by a navy base, I'm afraid. :o) The view is gorgeous, though, and the tidepools are wonderful. I wish there are more real animals there like deers and stuff, but we just have too many rattlesnakes. :oP