Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring blooms San Diego: Carlsbad Flower Fields

Even with our mild climate it is hard to not notice that spring is well settled in San Diego. Flowers groomed and wild are blooming and I am taking prophylaxis anti-histamine every morning in the hope of keeping my nose firmly attached to my face until summer arrives to clear the air of all the flying pollens. The best and worst place to be this time of year, of course, is among the acres of cultivated Ranunculus blooming at the famous Flower Fields in Carlsbad.

The fields are open to the public now until May 12th, though there is a $11 entry fee (add $5 if you want to ride in the tractor wagons). It's a little pricey, I know, but if you hadn't gone in there before it is quite worth it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Carpool if you can. There is a moderately big parking lot, but the place is so popular that you might have to circle around a bit. There is also a mall just a stone's throw away with restaurants and shops. I went by bicycle, of course, and must sadly report that they haven't got good bike facilities there. There are a few poles around you can lock the bike to, though.


berenice said...

this is a lovely video mister Smorg, I have only driven by the Carlsbad flower fields, never entered, maybe this year? Does the $11 include your choice of Allergra or Claritin? ;) Hey!! I think for this video you need Vivaldi's Spring! Although the Country Garden probably was more fun! Love your videos!

Smorg said...

Hola bella Bere!
I wish (it includes a strong batch of antihistamine)! :oD I took one of those 24 hrs generic Loratadine and I was still sneezing. :oP

Vivaldi's spring is a great choice of music to go with the view indeed. Alas, I didn't take enough video and had to settle for a much shorter piece. :o) Grainger can use some exposure, though. I think this piece actually sounds better just on a piano!

Georg said...

Such a lovely place Smorgy. First I thought to be somewhere in Holland, at Keukenhof or so. But looking at the parched earth paths, all in yellow, that's southern California allright.

Thanks for showing this. As for the music, idt's a bit like a freight train running along with the brakes biting. Hope you don't mind, you didn't compose this, right. Frühlingsstimmenwalzer, Dorfschwalben in Österreich, I would have preferred, but that's only one opinion.

Keep on showing the surroundings in Didacus, you do that very well.


Smorg said...

Hallo Georgy!
It is a lovely place indeed. :oD I imagine it was inspired by the tulip fields of Holland... there's even a fake windmill a block away (it's a restaurant. Used to specialize in pea soup, but I think it's a different restaurant now).

Ha, no, I didn't compose this music indeed. It actually comes out better as a piano solo than the orchestra version, I think. I just didn't take enough videos of the field so had to use shorter music and just went for the Grainger. :o) Will find some better videos for the Frühlingsstimmenwalzer later!

Hope all is well in Georgsland and that you are having a good spring! I've been lazy on the blog of late, I'm afraid. Been out on long rides, then when I get back I'm more keen on taking a nap or reading on the couch (and ending up taking a nap). It's almost pathetic since it isn't even summer (my designated lazy season) yet! :oD