Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vesselina Kasarova in South America

Vesselina Kasarova is in South America. Yes, South America, concert-touring Brazil and Argentina with Florian Donderer and the Camerata Bern! I'm a bit crossed at American concert halls and theaters for not managing to get her to stop by and do a few concerts in the USA on her way there (or back), actually, but I'm nonetheless very happy for VK's South American fans for finally getting to experience this exquisitely unique Bulgarian mezzo live on their own continent.

(Tancredi's entrance aria: O, patria - di tanti palpiti)
(Sesto's act II: Deh, per questo istante solo from La clemenza di Tito)

(Cherubino's 'Voi, che sapete' from Le nozze di Figaro)

Sesto's 'Parto, ma tu ben mio' from La clemenza di Tito

Thanks very much to her South American fans for filling the venues and sharing their experience with the rest of us on the internet. Drop in at Bella's Unexpected Song Blog for her account of the concert and green room experience in English. More fan reactions can be found at VK's (unofficial) facebook page (you must be signed into facebook to view it), too!

Edited to add concert review:
- Estadao
- Seen & Heard International   


Anonymous said...

thanks Smorgy! so much excitement!
ps- that VK's unofficial fb page is not visible unless you log into facebook (you can test it by logging out of fb and clik on link :-) ) -td

Smorg said...

Hiya Dr T!
My pleasure, matie. Loving all the reactions coming out of Brazil. :oD Hope VK is having a good time sight-seeing a bit down there!

Thanks a bunch for the fb page tip, too (I'm always signed in these days and didn't think to check!)! Will edit the post to mention that. :o)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful to be all atwitter again!! The excitement of these youngsters is so infectious and it is really good to see the next generation of fans flourishing :)

Georg said...

Bonjour Smorgy,

Listened to all three videos but can't help thinking that the recordings were somehow disappointing. I mean her voice - to me - seams to be better elsewhere, much better, deeper. So it must be the acoustics, I imagine. Maybe the room where she performed is too naked, devoid of cloth/velvet or so. I would like to hear what you are thinking about this.


Smorg said...

Hiya Eyes: There is nothing quite festive as a slew of VK news and clips from overseas indeed! ;o) I hope I'll get to hear her live again before too long. All the different descriptions of her voice/singing are splitting my brain! XoD

Hallo Georgy: I don't know, my friend. I'm afraid her voice, especially since 2003-5 or so, has grown in ways that is difficult for the microphone to handle. It seems different in different clips. Sometimes I can't tell if it is her lightening/darkening it or if it is the microphone distorting the thing. The only time I've heard her live was back in 2006 and she sounded quite different live than in recordings from that year. It's a glowy voice... not a laser beam type like Gruberova's. I imagine it's quite a headache for sound engineers to cope with. XoD

I was hoping she'd stop to do a concert somewhere in the USA on her way to/from South America. :oP O well, guess I'll just have to fly out to Europe for another live experience hopefully sooner rather than later! :o)

Georg said...

Heya Smorgy,

Could well be that you are right and that the recording technology is responsible for those distorsions and not the room.

When the first CD's came on the market a lot of people said they preferred the 33 t/min. vinyl discs because they had not this metallic sound.

Have you ever been in Olde Europe, in Vienna, London, Paris or elsewhere?