Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Only Two More 'Murder at the Cathedral' at San Diego Opera

I'm running around a bit this week, though just wanted to mention that there are two performances of Pizzetti's Assassinio nella cathedrale (Murder in the Cathedral) left at the San Diego Opera.

Murder in the Cathedral poster (San Diego Opera)
If you are in town and feel like catching an evening of good music and memorable theater, drop in at the Civic Theater in downtown April 5 and/or 7!


berenice said...

oh mister Smorg, I am loving the ala Art Deco style of the graphics for the SD Opera this season, I got my pamphlet on the mail... and I was wondering how this Opera would be... thanks for the quick review, I hope I can make it!!

Smorg said...

Hola bella Bere!
Yup, the SDO's posters are pretty slick this year. I've been posting them around my walls. They make really cool room mural. :o)

Hope you can catch a performance of this show, too. It's a good opera, and even better because Furlanetto is singing. He really owns Thomas Beckett! :o)