Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another favorite opera singer: Mireille Delunsch

If you’ve read more than a few of my operatic ramblings, then you already know of my fondness for the deep voiced mezzos… and some dark voiced sopranos. What really attract me to an artist, though, is his/her ability to make me forget that I’m watching/listening to a performance and get really transported into the story he/she is selling. Somehow it seems that the darker and deeper voices are better equipped for that than the lighter high voices are…. With some exceptions, of course.

The French soprano Mireille Delunsch has a sleek voice that doesn’t grab me even in the repertoire that suits her the most (French Baroque), but when you can both see and hear the lass…

(Youtube clip posted by Foly90: Delunsch exploring how she portrays her characters with sample of her as the Governess from Britten's The Turn of the Shrew, Violetta in Verdi's La Traviata, and La Folie in Rameau's Platée)
What can I say? Elle une artiste! And with a brain to match her artistic imagination at that!


Wild Flower said...

She seems to have an interesting personality and her voice is beautiful. Thanks for showing her in your blog.

Have a great week!


Georg said...

Hallo Smorgy,

Well, I think I understand what you mean. Ms Delunsch has a friendly intelligent voice and talks very sensibly.

Why not liking her singing: possibly because the music she is performing is just average. At least it sounds forgettable but could be I would change my mind after having listened three or four times.

Let's talk about this next month to find out if appreciation has changed.

On the video I saw Ms Ruggieri. You cannot imagine how I feel when seeing her. She gives me the creeps, really. She has such an ordinary, vulgar voice and she is in the TV business for 20 years. Always dabbling in music.

Cheers to you

Smorg said...

Hiya WF: Thanks very much! :o) I'm glad you like Mme. Delunsch. She is always interesting and compelling to experience, I think. Her French baroque stuff is really demented (in a most thrilling way)! ;o)

Hallo Herr Georgy: I agree, bro. The voice itself and the technique aren't impressive (I wouldn't enjoy her as much if I can only listen but not look), but she really makes the most of what she has, I think. A really intelligent performer.... I think she studied musicology in college, and that sure is the brainy branch of music majors. If only I could substitute Maria Callas' or Teresa Stratas' singing while using Delunsch's acting... o what a Violetta we would have in Verdi's La Traviata (not that Callas and Stratas weren't good actresses. They were, but Delunsch has an edge for me)!

Thanks very much for stopping by. Hope September is being good your way! :o)

top singing lessons said...

I heard her perform once and I was so amazed with her talent! Very talented.