Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thrilling voice goes well with thoughtful head: Vesselina Kasarova interview on Ö1 (May 2007)

Ha! Did you really think that I could go for more than two weeks without mentioning Vesselina Kasarova?

Fat chance!


Georg said...

Hallo Smorgy,

Was already wondering. Now I know something more about VK:
- 41years old
- started in Bulgaria as a
professional pianist (repetitor) who accompanied singers. Wondered sometimes why those singers didn't listen to her music, singing low or high. Then started to accompany her
- thinks 10 times before doing
- human voice is the most difficult instrument.
- has one son, married to Viennese in Zürich where she lives.
- Will sing Carmen in Wien (Vienna)
- one must steer one's voice (like a car) and not the other way round.
-loves tennis, basketball, football (soccer)
- is critical to herself. Had difficult time 10 years ago. Her husband and her mother were great help.

So much for now.(stopped at 6.08)


Smorg said...

Hallo Georgy,
Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed the interview, bro. She's a rather interesting character, isn't she? :o) I think she used to play basketball in school... probably not anymore though (she actually married a Zuricher in Wien in 1992). I'm afraid the Viennese audience didn't like her Carmen much (it was a success in Zurich, though, but with a different production concept :oP The Zurich production was supposedly video taped. I can't wait until it becomes commercially available! :o)).

Thanks for stopping by! Wishing lots of good music your way! :o)

Gruess aus San Diego,

Steven said...

what a wonderful version of rinaldo's aria. thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

parking myself here while editing my paper, wonderful interview! perhaps after you finish the multiple moves, we could put the translation up? :-) (not sure what happened but i never heard back from my friend regarding verifying the translation...)