Friday, September 11, 2009

Factual Fiction?

About the only thing Dick Cheney did really well by me when he was Vice President was his endorsement of as a premiere non-partisan fact-checker of what nonsense politicians try to blow by us. I still think the best thing for everyone is for each of us to read up on all the bills and other topics we want to pipe up about for ourselves, but then many just haven't got the time. and are my favorite places to run rumors and other smelly propaganda emails by to screen out BS from facts.

If only people like Congressman Wilson and his fact-deficient disciples would do the same, then perhaps they wouldn't spend so much of their time making fools of themselves on national television...

But then... are these folks really interested in actually knowing what they are talking about before talking about it? If they are, then perhaps I (and many of my friends) wouldn't keep getting fact-free propaganda emails that claim that Obama is an illegal alien who's trying to turn the country into pre-WWII Germany while plotting to euthanize all geriatrics and brainwash all grade school kids, would I? And these loonies are even trying to pack loaded guns into his town hall meetings now. Just how crazy must their leaders sound before the flock realize the blatant senselessness of it all?


Geisslein said...

Hello Smorg,
thanks for stopping by at my blog. Yes, September has started well, but actually I´m really not ready for the colder weather and wearing more clothes and socks on my feet...I would love to have the summer a little longer....Hope you will have a great september with a lot of sunshine and nice things happen! Now it´s almost time for me to go to nighty night ;o)

Smorg said...

Hallo Geisslein,
It's always a pleasure to hear from you! :o) I hope summer weather will linger on a bit longer in Frankfurt for you. It has been cooler here as well (though much to my liking. It was entirely too hot earlier). Great weather to loiter around and revel in by the waterfront!

Happy weekend and thanks again for stopping by! :o)