Thursday, September 3, 2009

Parkour at Zoro Garden

It was so hot earlier this week I hopped on the bus up to Balboa Park to seek relief from the heat at one of my favorite afternoon quiet spots in town, Zoro Garden, the sunken stone garden that used to serve as the area's nudist colony. Apparently I wasn't the only one that liked the place. A bunch of youngsters were there hopping up and down across the garden's steep stone aisles...


Apparently they were practicing Parkour (or Free Running), a new urban sport where one treats ones' surrounding as natural obstacle course to be traversed as efficiently as possible in a straight line and
without outside help (or gadget). To tell the truth, watching them I wished they were at least wearing a helmet. Nobody's head is made of sterner stuff than the real rocks of those steep aisle...

Pork satay
Nam Tok beef
Afterward, I treated myself with a trip to Asia Cafe in Chollas Creek. It's one of the best kept gastronomic secrets in San Diego, I think. If you're ever in town and feel like having a go at really authentic Laotian food without breaking your budget (most entrees here go for $4.50-6.00!), the place is at the northeast corner of Market and 47th Street east of downtown. It's open from 10:30AM-6PM Wednesday-Monday.

Pho noodle soup

I can't cook worth a sniff, but I sure can eat a lot of these even with my low budget!


berenice said...

oh mister Smorg, what a cool post! hey I didn't know that the Zoro garden was a nudist place before, next time I am around I'll wear light clothing ;) heh heh

and THANK YOU for that tip on the Asia Cafe, I think not only you but most Californians are in a low budget, surely I am, so I'll make a point of visiting that place!! maybe this 3-day weekend!

also on low budgets, if you feel like visiting the MOPA on Balboa Park before Dec 31, 09, let me know! i have a guest past that will expire then, I am a member, maybe we can go one coming soon day :)

berenice said...

mister Smorg! i just came across this! i think you'd like to visit it, at Horton Plaza's Lyceum

Smorg said...

Hola bella Bere,
Thanks for stopping by! Yep, they built that Zoro Garden as a nudist colony for those expositions, I think, though just about the only things that are still keeping on the cloth-free traditions are the monarch butterflies roaming the area. I tried to snap a good photo of one as he crisscrossed the place but he was too fast for my slow camera. :oP

I hope you'll like Asia Cafe! The place is sort of hiding at the L corner of this all-Laos one storey business complex, but the food is really good for the low price indeed. :o) I wish I live closer to there so I could drop in more often.

Thanks a bunch for tipping me off about the art gallery at the Lyceum and the MOPA, too! I have never been in that museum before, I think. Would love to explore indeed! :o)

Hope your weekend has started well. Happy Labor Day weekend!

Smorgy :o)