Thursday, August 11, 2016

Innsbruck, of all places!

By now most of my fellow fans of the Bulgarian - Swiss operatic mezzo soprano Vesselina Kasarova would probably have heard of her run in, a few days ago, with a couple of muggers in Innsbruck ahead of her scheduled performances as Fidalma in Cimarosa's Il matrimonio segreto. Frau Kasarova is one tough cookie and operatically screamed off her attackers, but not before getting roughed up enough to require the cancellation of her appearance and a return home to recuperate.

She is reportedly recovering okay, considering the circumstances. We fans are still quite shocked by the incident, of course! (Honestly... of all places for this to happen!) I'm personally in awe as to how well she handled the whole experience. Shame on the two perpetrators and may they never forget her voice.

Sending the White Shirt Republic's favorite dame all the best of wishes for a complete and speedy recovery. Gute Besserung, Frau Kasarova!