Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vesselina Kasarova in Moscow (2011)

Vesselina Kasarova, the White Shirt Republic's favorite muse, has been in the Russian capital of Moscow for the last few days to give a concert during the 3rd Grand Festival of the Russian National Orchestra. Luckily for us, the internet is quite alive with coverage of her time there. I've compiled some here:

First off, here is a news video of the concert's press conference from Russian channel tvkultura:

The biggest source of information, of course, is Denis Zakharov, the Russian author and bona fide Kasarova-fan who has traveled to see VK in different venues in Europe. When he popped up with a bunch of beautiful flowers at her orchestra rehearsal, he was recognized by our muse and allowed to hang out and take lots of photographs and videos of her. Generously, Denis turns right around and shares his happiness with us on his blog and Youtube channel.

Den!s' Blog Posts
- First meeting at rehearsal (with video). 
- Second meeting: strolling around seeing Moscow.
- Third meeting: 2nd rehearsal, news conference (with video).
- After concert.

Denis posted a few more Youtube clips aside from the ones associated with his blog post, so I took the liberty of compiling Denis' videos of VK onto a single playlist for ease of access.

Also in the audience at the concert was the White Shirt Republic's Russian residenz (so to speak), Arashi. Arashi is a young soprano-in-training and had waited a long time for the chance to finally experience VK live in person.

Arashi's Blog Posts:

Sergei Belousov's review of concert (English translation).

What a trip! I'm forever grateful that Frau Kasarova allowed Denis to hang out with her, and that Denis so generously shares his experience with us. It is fascinating getting to see the rehearsal footage, listen to VK's thoughtful words (what a gal! She squeezed a benefit concert for the Japanese earthquake/tsunami victims into her busy schedule on very short notice when she was in Berlin. Then before the encores of this Moscow concert she dedicated one of the most gorgeous of arias to the Russian hockey team lost in a plane crash near Yaroslavl a couple of days before), and even get to see a bit of the Russian capital... including the Tverskaya! I've been wanting to see what that street looks like ever since I first read Mikhail Bulgakov's Master i Margarita. It is definitely an item on my personal bucket list to make it to Moscow one day and take the Bulgakov tour.

Congratulations again to Frau Kasarova on another successful performance at a new venue... and for speaking Russian so fluently! And thanks to all of her fans who share their goodies with us who wish we could have been there but couldn't!

Vesselina Kasarova's new agent webpage.
Her updated performance schedule.


Anonymous said...

Please can we rename you Wonder Woman? A fabulous job of complilation so that the rest of us don't have to go lurking around the webz. Genuine thanks, Smorg. No wonder you did not appear at the chitchat over at ThaDieu's - you were majorly busy doing all of this. It may be my iPod again but .... a blank space for the press conference and an Ooops for your own playlist link. I do have that playlist saved elsewhere but I'm aware it probably keeps getting longer.
Thank you again for your hard work ( far from arduous though?) ;)

Smorg said...

Hiya Eyes: Ack, I really rather not, matie. Wouldn't really like to imagine me in the Wonder Woman outfit. That would be one scary image to behold!

Oy! I totally forgot about today's broadcast. :o( Hope you gals had a good visit over at Dr. T's. Now you've got me so curious I've gotta scoot over there to check out the scene. :oD

I hope all the videos and links will show up okay on your computer if not the iPod, too. It's my pleasure compiling all the info indeed. If only time-consuming work can be as fun!

Hope your weekend is running splendidly. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

ah thanks Smorgy for the compilation :-). I also read on Denis' blog that the concert was recorded on Culture channel? (could just be the translator machine playing trick on me and it's only the press conference :-))
ps- that play list link is not working. could you check again? I also get this OOPS like Eyes did :-)

Smorg said...

Hiya An: Ooops! Something went weird with the link for Denis' playlist indeed. I think I've got it fixed now, though. Sorry about that! :o)

Yes, I think Denis says that TVKultura did record the concert, so hopefully somebody will tape it once they air it. Wink, wink, nod, nod. ;o)

Sergei Belousov said...

There was a number of visitors from your blog to my site, so I translated my review into English. This the first time I did something like that, so my English may seem strange.

Smorg said...

Privet Sergei: Thank you so much! That is very kind of you. :oD We Russian-challenged folks have been making do with the Google translator. It is much better to have your translation. Your English is quite good. Spasiba! :o)

yvette said...

How wonderful! So many valuable accounts orchestrated by our Smorgy! Thanks so much for all the work done for this event covering Vesselina in Moscow. I can assure you there is no trace of that event in the French operatic world. This alternative musical Blog-World is fantastic! Keep going Smorgy!

Anonymous said...

No trace in the French operatic world?? Their loss. You need to spread the word Yvette and tell them what they are missing!

Anonymous said...

"Deh, per questo istante solo" is up on YT from krelena2009, i didn't hear any 1-octave down take like in the rehearsal though :-D

Smorg said...

Ciao Yvette, Eyes, & An!
There is nothing like words of mouth spreading of info indeed. ;oD I'm very glad to get to do my bit a bit.

Thanks a bunch to Dr. T for the alert on krelena2009's new videos, too! I've created another playlist of her videos and added to the list.

I'm telling ya', Santa has his work cut out for him this Christmas. There is no topping this flood of footage from Moscow.... well, perhaps except for the upcoming book, I guess. ;o)

Thanks so much for dropping by and hope you are all having a good week! :oD

Anonymous said...

@ Dr. T. Unfortunately we will never experience the octave down version as it is something she would only do in rehearsal to rest the voice. So we need to make the most of the video clips!