Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bienvenue a l'automne

Autumn is here. A few trees are changing their leaves, though there still aren't enough of them around to preventing me from really missing October in the Midwest.

There is nothing like packing a light lunch in a sandwich bag and going out for a hike along Katy Trail in NW Missouri this time of year... when there isn't a twister in the forecast, that is!

At any rate, autumn on the Pacific Coast has charms all its own, too, crunchy surf is one of them. I took a little trip up to Solana Beach a few miles north of here over the weekend (sort of a reward after all the moving), and came away with a few beach photos. The music used in the clip is 'Le porte bonheur (The Lucky Charm)' by La grande Sophie. I don't know exactly how grand she is in real life, but she sure rocks on my stereo!


Geisslein said...

Hi Smorgi, I wish you a wonderful, beautiful, funny, inspiring, sunny weekend with a lot of hugs and kisses!

bereweber said...

hola mister Smorg and lovely Frau Geisslein

hey! your photos are very cool, but your movie is grrrreat! good job mister Smorg, now that i have my new laptop i've been meaning to play with some video software, but i've been busy/lazy enough, i am very glad you are showcasing Solana Beach's beauty on your little movie, very cool stuff

and yeah, we don't have massive falling of leaves nor the copper colors of the fall here in San Diego, but i've been enjoying very much the chilly while sunny days... although it seems we are warming up again, huh?

hope you and frau Geisslein have a lovely Wochenende :D

Geisslein said...

hola lovely Lady Berenice, hola Smorgy! I hope your weekend will be a wonderful one! Enjoy the good weather. This saturday we had nothing but cold rain...and the walk with my dog was not very comfortable...bääh ;o)
Now it´s time for sleep at my side of the world, nighty night! geisslein

Smorg said...

Hallo die Schoene Geisslein and bella Bere!
Thanks very much for your kind words! I'm sorry I'm a slow slug at the moment. Been out and about too much and am a few days behind on emails and comments. The weather has just been too gorgeous to stay in! :o) I wish we could send this weather by post to you in Frankfurt, Geisslein. It'd make a good export. ;o)

Hey, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the weather, Berenice. I hope les gatos are also having a good weekend. My new roommate and I went up to La Jolla yesterday for the Wine and Art Festival. It was quite awesome! It costs $7 to get in, but they have a lot of good local artists there and wine tasting... and we found a Swiss couple in the food court who cater and makes killer Apfelstrudel! We bought a half home and had it a la carte for dinner (my mom would be outraged at such a dietary affront, but I bet she wouldn't mind too much had she been able to taste the thing). ;oP

Thanks very much for stopping by! I hope you both are having a very good weekend (and that it has stopped raining in Frankfurt!)!!

Smorgy :o)

Georg said...

Bonjour Smorgy,

Had a second look here at San Diego and Grande Sophie. It must be a real pleasue to live in a California coastal town. Maybe one day I'll come
for a flight and a walk.

On 3.38 you show something that looks a bit like the Atlantic Wall. What is this ochre wall?


Smorg said...

Hallo Georgy,
Oh, you'll really like the coast here, I think. :o) The shoreline is just so spectacularly eroded!

Oh, that's a retaining wall built in an attempt to keep the cliff from collapsing into the ocean. I don't think it'll work for long, though (and those houses on top of it will go from million dollar estates to ruined pile on the beach in a few decades.... if you go and walk along Sunset Cliffs to the south of there, a lot of those sea-washed parts of the cliffs still show concrete slabs on them that used to be houses and roadways). :oP There is no winning against mother nature, I'm afraid. :o)

Thanks a bunch for stopping by!