Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's In A Star Rating Of An Item On

Do you know? Do you? I apparently didn't... and I had written quite a few reviews for that site. :o( Here's something you should look out for:

(issue discovered and exposed by Max)
Intelligent Design is a FAILED postulation. It FAILED in its attempt to masquerade as a scientific theory. It even FAILED in the court of law when Christian parents in Dover, Penn sued to remove it from its wrongful imposition in science class at school there (and the trial, Kitzmiller v Dover, was presided and fairly ruled by a Christian conservative judge!).

What Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort are doing is a disservice both to the Christian religion and to science.... and, most of all, to the intelligence of those they are trying to propagate their willful quackery on. Dr. Ken Miller, the guy doing the lecture in the clip below, is a Christian, which means that he and I have a few things to disagree about. What Dr. Miller is NOT, however, is a sucker who abdicates his ethical will to use his god-given (pure figure of speech here) brain and ability to think in favor of lazily believing the BS other gullible human beings want to put in god's mouth.

Questioning what the certifiably unscientific quacks like Cameron and Comfort say about science is NOT synonymous with questioning god. Think about it.... Is there really a bigger blasphemy than to take whatever idiots like these says to be god's truth without even giving a god a benefit of the doubt that something as mystically powerful as that would be capable of sounding as incoherent and self-contradictory as these guys do?

Aside from KPBS's excellent recap of what happened at Kitzmiller v Dover, those really interested in knowing how Darwin's theory of evolution stacks up against the pseudo-science that is 'intelligent design' should see this very lay-friendly 2 hrs long lecture Dr. Miller gave a few years ago?


Georg said...

Hello Smorgy old warrior,

For the time being, the battle between Creationists/Intellidesign vs. Evolution is limited to the USA.

There must be some people over here who believe in the Bible and other holy scriptures literally, but they have at least enough common sens to keep mum.

It might be interesting to imagine how our countries look like when these people gain the upper hand.
History of the future.


Smorg said...

Hallo Georgy,
Ugghh! I think we already had good glimpses of what it'd be like if these 'we prefer to believe in a mythical tale rather than in reality' religious fundies take over... back in the Dark Age (and during the Inquisition). :oP

It is really nutty how they don't even bother to look up what the science they are trying to subvert actually say before railing against it. And these people keep lining up to get the flu vaccine every winter... There wouldn't be any vaccine available for any infectious disease today if Darwin was wrong about how life evolves! (and I still don't get why they keep insisting on deriding the fundamental theory of biology (Darwinian evolution) for its lack of application on cosmology (how the universe itself came to be). I wonder if these same folks would also ask a veterinarian to perform brain surgery on their own kid. :oP

Hope the religious folks in your neck of the woods keep being sensible (enough) and refrain from following their wacky American numbers! :o)