Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cannon battles on San Diego Bay (Sept 2009)

Been busy moving and didn't get around to posting this... from the last weekend of September rather than this first weekend of October. The Maritime Museum had another good smoke cannon shoot out between the Californian (the State's official tall ship) and the visiting Lynx.

I'm afraid both ships were staying up in the Crescent area close to Harbor Island, so I, stuck at the end of Broadway Pier and way too lazy to walk that far up, didn't have very good shots of them. The video parts of the clip were as close as I could get it (this cheap-ish camera can't zoom that far).

The revenue cutter Californian is the taller ship with cleaner (ahem.. or whiter, if you will) sails. The priveteer Lynx is a bit smaller, but no less feisty. They were shooting at anything that moved.... cruise ships and yachts included.


bereweber said...

ahhh mister Smorg, i saw this post before but i couldn't log in to comment, i wish i knew about this event, so freaking cool, huh? glad you took photos, hey am gonna e-mail you my phone # so when you know of these cool things lemme know

i bet you had fun!

Smorg said...

Hola Bere!
I didn't know about it either, matie. Just happened to notice it when reading the SD Reader (that free weekly that comes out every Thursday) the week leading in. It was awesome! I wish the ships had strayed a bit closer to Broadway Pier where I was, but was very happy to catch a few salvos on video nonetheless. Will be sure to alert you to this stuff (and other fun SD thingies) next time indeed. We'll make a good hometown cheering team! ;o)

Hope you're catching a good weekend. Thanks for stopping by (and hope your apartment situation will be resolved soon)!

Smorgy :o)

Georg said...

Hallo Smorgy,

Splendid those old sailing ships. I would have liked to live a bit at that period, beginning or middle of the 19th Cent.

Congratulations for this video, you did a good job there. Especially the part where one ship shows her profile.

San Diego seems to be a lively city, there is always something going on.