Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Trip to Kobey's

My flatmate and I and another friend went roaming around Kobey's Swab Meet at the San Diego Sport Arena on Sunday. It's a pretty cool place where local merchants (and people who are looking to get rid of stuff they had been hording in the garage) come to dump off their stuff for cheapskate-friendly price on the weekends.
We got there rather late at 2PM, though. It was looking quite gray and foggy, so many of the merchants were already packing up, though not before I had broken my budget and bought up 3 opera CDs and a pocketbook version of Aristophanes... Couldn't believe that I actually didn't have a full CD version of Beethoven's Fidelio! Now I'll get to listen to the whole thing with the amazing Kna (Hans Knappertsbusch) conducting Sena Jurinac and Jan Peerce. A promising cast if there ever was one!
There were also several good fruits vendors there trying to ensnare me with their deliciously ripe persimmons and pomegranates. We haven't got any spare room left in the fridge or in the food cupboard at the moment, though, so no food shopping over the weekend.
My flatmate found a replacement earphone for her iPod, and her friend went positively bubbly at the sight of the foreign currency & rare coins shop. We ran into this cute little soap bubbler and her magical floaty round rainbow making solution on our way out.

She was having quite a time spreading the perks around the swab meet. Too bad I don't chase bubbles all that well these days... only caught 4 or 5 of them while fumbling the rest.


bereweber said...

ah mister Smorgy!
we were sooo close on Sunday, around 2pm, I was right across the street from you, at the Home Depot buying home & garden stuff...

can you believe I've never been in the Kobey's flea mart? I loooove old junk, most of my stuff is either thrift store or Ikea ;) but maybe 'cause i don't have space to collect more is that i've avoided Kobey's

you know what place i love, but not to buy 'cause it's TOO expensive, that Antique Store in Ocean Beach, the big one, in Newport Ave.

well Smorgy, good to know you had a good Sunday, and me too, i do love the Home Depot too

& great photos, eh!! they are getting nicer all the time

have a great weekend :D

Smorg said...

Hola bella Bere!
Wow, that was close indeed! :o) I hope you had a good shopping trip at Home Depot. We went raiding Ikea the weekend before for a new desk lamp and spent most of the time there looking for an exit... I didn't mind, though, since we found the food court along the way and I am easily pacified with a good bowl of Swedish meatballs. ;o)

Hey, I didn't know about that antique store on Newport in Carlsbad. Must check it out the next time I head up the coast. Thanks! Hope this weekend is going well your way!

Cheerio from sunny North Park,
Smorgy :o)

Anna said...

Hello Smorgy!
Great find on the CDs. I wish people over here were more into classical music and opera so that I could find stuff like that at my trash and treasure markets. Just old pop CDs I'm afraid. Hope you don't mind me testing how the Identity comment thing works.

Georg said...

Hey Smorgy, old fleamarket raider,

Love those places, too, but rarely buy there. Old ugly stuff, mostly that people wish to replace pronto by new ugly stuff, ha, ha, ha.

That photo showing the fruit vendor was interesting. They sell fruits rarely displayed here. Pomegranates, I know. But the yellow stuff on the right: is that the cactus fruit?
Quince grow even here but they are used exclusively for making marmelade (confiture). What happens to them in San Diego?

I'll show those prices to E. Might be interesting to compare. But first I have to adjust pound to kg and then $ to €. Full-time job.


Smorg said...

Coo-ee Anna! :o) There were a lot more pop and rock CDs than there were classical ones here, too, I'm afraid. The Fidelio CD wasn't bad, as it turned out, though the show tunes CD by Marilyn Horne and 4 tenors and baritones... won't be touched again in my life time! :oP

Hey, I'm going to raid a local Farmers' Market this afternoon. Will let ya' know if I catch anything interesting! ;o)

Hallo Georgy!
I was surprised that I actually bought something at the flea market, too! Just didn't think I'd run into opera recordings.

The yellow fruits on the right side are persimmons, actually. They are quite good when ripe! :o) Sweet and crunchily chewy. You have to watch for the seeds when you bite into the thing, though.

My mom used to make poached quinces for us (serving them with yogurt). Though I think most people here make them into jelly or marmalade, too. :o) If you and E ever drop in this way we'll go raid a local farmers' market and cook some really fresh lunch and dinner together! ;o)